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Mercy is the moniker Anna Abbott, a young singer/songwriter known crafting pop music with a darker beautiful edge.  With a deep passion for music and the arts inherited from her father, Abbott has been writing and performing music since she was six years old. At the age of twelve, she began studying opera and trained in it for several years, including a program at NYU. With a love for both opera and pop music, Abbott chose to pursue her interest in darker pop music. She cites heavy influences from artists such as Lana Del Rey, Banks, Lady Gaga and Bon Iver. With a relentless work ethic, Abott’s music addresses big questions and central themes such as love, life and loss.  Performing as Mercy, Abbott has performed several times at venues like Attic State Social House and The House of Blues.


While her music has a soft and polished exquisiteness to it, this rose it not without its thorns. That is why Abbott now appears under the name Mercy, commanding power, respect and strength like her music itself. Mercy is her expressive outlet to be whoever and say whatever she would like with no consequences, it’s a freedom.  The term mercy requires honesty, loyalty, intuition, and forgiveness. These are the qualities that Mercy aims to bring both in her musical expression as well as with her fan base.


Mercy is an act of compassion and forgiveness as well as indication of power, demonstrating that Abbott is a musical force to be reckoned with. The strength Mercy channels is exactly what she hopes to inspire in others: to be more adventurous and brave in all aspects of life. Live life to its fullest and abandon all fear. Exercise restraint but always embrace love, fortitude and mercy.




House of Blues

Parish Room 



The Siren Song 

Breast Cancer Foundation 

Witzend Venice 

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